Game of Thrones Final Season – 10 Facts And Theories

As the final season of Game of Thrones rapidly approaches, fans have been having a hard time containing their excitement. Game of Thrones had been one of the most successful and acclaimed TV Shows in the past decade, and perhaps of all time.

Now, if you’re eager to watch the upcoming season when it airs on April 17, in the meantime, you might want to sink your teeth in the following facts and theories surrounding season eight.

Theory: Bran is the Night King

Perhaps the most notorious of theories among fans, and although it was previously debunked by Bran’s actor himself, it is still going strong. Bran went back in time for the second time to witness the creation of the Night King, all in his attempts to try and find out how others were defeated by the Night King. When he tries to intervene with the man who eventually became the Night King, he got stuck in his body and become the Night King Himself.

When the “Crypts of Winterfell” season eight teaser finally got released in last January, things got a lot more serious. As you may recall the teaser featured three of the four remaining Stark members found in a crypt, foreshadowing their own deaths as they’re facing their own statues. All that of course with the absence of our darling Bran.

credit: Instagram
This further solidifies the old Reddit theory we brought up earlier. People seem to be now even more convinced that Bran is the Night King, he just doesn’t know it yet, and when looking back at Game of Thrones wild turns, this might very possibly be one of season eight’s crazy discoveries.

Although Isaac Hempstead, Bran’s actor, thinks it’s a cool theory, he doesn’t believe so himself. He explained after season seven finale that he believes that Bran and the Night King are two separate beings with entirely different motives. Of course, when he said that it was nothing but a theory of his own, as the actors haven’t seen season eight’s script back then.
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