Africa’s Richest Celebrities and Their Net Worth

Over the past few decades, with many African countries becoming more and more influenced by western cultures, a lot of African personalities have been trying to make a name for themselves in the international stage, with some of them showing a great success. Thus, we decided to put together a list of some of those highly talented celebrities from Africa, discussing their fortune, career and some other fun facts.

Liya Kebede

credit: liyakebede

Born in Ethiopia, Liya Kebede is a designer, actress and most famously, model. Despite her successful modeling career, Liya Kebede made a name for herself in recent years by investing immense amounts of money on her advocacy and philanthropic projects surrounding maternal health and health in general.

In 2007, Forbes magazine listed her as number 11 in their “World’s highest-earning supermodels” list.

Net Worth: $18 million